VSHAPER and Grupa MAC Shape Education of the Future

VSHAPER and Grupa MAC Shape Education of the Future

Las week, during The Future of Education Congress a cooperation agreement was signed between the manufacturer of VSHAPER 3D Printers and Grupa MAC, in the presence of the curators of education. Under this agreement, the publishing house from Kielce will deliver VSHAPER GO 3D Printers to schools and kindergartens through a nationwide network of educational consultants.

Groupa MAC S.A. is one Poland’s leading educational publishers and has been supporting teachers and students in everyday education for nearly 30 years, publishing textbooks, exercises, educational and methodical materials. The company successfully implements modern technologies, also within the framework of the government’s Aktywna Tablica program. In 2017 only, Grupa MAC changed over 1,000 schools in Poland, providing over 1,200 boards and monitors, assembling over 2,000 devices and providing over 1,000 modern projectors.

The publishing house was the first one to introduce Photon robot in Polish education starting a large-scale program of providing schools with modern tools for learning. Last year’s spectacular landing of a robot transported by a drone to one of the schools in Kielce organized by Grupa MAC today has its continuation. The next stage is the implementation of innovative Dash & Dot robots and VSHAPER 3D Printers to schools and kindergartens throughout the country.

As an experienced educational publisher the company is perfectly aware of the fact that 3D Printers are a skillful combination of teaching programming and the way to quickly present the effects of students’ work.

Classes with students are a perfect environment for the use of 3D Printing. Creating a pyramid model for history lessons, the structure of a flower or a human body for biology lessons are just a few examples, and their list is limited only by the imagination of students and teachers. We are happy that thanks to our cooperation with VERASHAPE, 3D Printers have a chance to reach schools through our network of educational consultants – says Patryk Tomczyk, member of Grupa MAC Management Board.

VSHAPER GO is a perfect solution when embarking upon the adventure of 3D Printing. Simple use of the machine together with an intuitive interface of SOFTSHAPER software allows the user to enjoy creating simple prototypes, teaching aids and useful objects printed in PLA. When creating VSHAPER GO the main focus was to shorten the path from user’s model to final print.

Constant pursuit of creativity, living up to the potential and the support of boundless passion for creation are today’s challenges of the education process. Grupa MAC is definitely living up to that challenge. The use of modern technologies, primarily 3D Printing, in the process of educating children and teenagers, presents vast possibilities to convert the information from the books into actual physical objects that can be touched and examined. The ability to transform unusual ideas into real designs with the use of 3D Printer is, without a doubt, tremendous support of art subject teaching. It is also helpful in teaching biology, chemistry or physics – comments Tomasz Szymański, the CEO and founder of VERASHAPE.