Sheet Metal Machining – Radan

Sheet Metal Machining - Radan

Radan is the total CAD CAM solution for cutting sheet metal. It enables significant reduction of inventory and increase of material utilization allowing the user to realize true return on investment and enhance the possibilities of production processes.

Radan solutions are essential for the design and manufacture (punching, profiling, nesting and bending) of sheet metal products. it is used in many branches of production aiding machine work of leading producers. The users of Radan appreciate, in particular, how effortless the bending process with the press brakes is.

Radan is fully integrated with most popular CAD systems: SOLIDWORKS, Autodesk Inventor, SolidEdge, Catia and ProE. Completely integrated with Radan 3D the software enables loading popular file formats like 2D and 3D as well as full simulation of bending process. The program automatically runs the operations which are normally run manually.

Radan is the answer to the needs of sheet metal cutting industry market, particularly when it comes to bending process where the detection of collision and optimizing tool choice are of great importance. Those aspect allow to significantly shorten the set up time.

Operating Press Brakes

Automatic 3D Model Unwrapping

Cooperation with Leading Machine Producers

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