Design and production of sheet metal components

Reduction of waste and enhancement of their usage. Efficient CNC software for your machines.


Construction of the geometry of parts, machining, applying to a sheet metal, generating the NC code, implementation on any punching machine.


Designing, applying cutting paths in the proper order, generating NC code and implementation on a laser, plasma, water, or gas jet cutting machines, including 5 axes.


Advanced nesting package, i.e. the creation of cutting patterns (overlay projects), speeds up the import of 2D projects and their application to sheet metal sheets.


Automation of calculation processes. Swift, accurate estimation of manufacturing and parts costs.

Generating milling toolpaths from 2.5 to 5D / Analysis of material flow


RADAN is a comprehensive CAD/CAM solution for the sheet metal cutting industry. We are fully aware of the cost of such commodity as sheet metal. Relatedly, by applying our software your company can significantly reduce inventory and minimize the raw material waste. These factors make the investment costs pay off in a very short time and allow the development of production capabilities.