Software for any 3D printer

If you use several different models of 3D printers and desire to develop projects in one software – SOFTSHAPER is the right choice!

Layer grouping

The possibility of any modification of the structure of layers of the developed models, by free and easy strengthening or weakening selected structures, as a result of shaping the strength of the entire model.

Dynamic cooling

Possibility to choose areas requiring increased or decreased cooling of the print, which allows to improve the print quality and the degree of detail reproduction.

Support functions

Automatic and manual support with many shapes of supports, contours and filling structures depending on the needs.

Print simulation

Color and numerical reproduction of the printing process: speed, cooling, material, layers.

A wide range of materials / Dedicated post-processors


On the engineering market you can encounter many programs dedicated especially for 3D printing. They are usually complicated in use for average users, because they require a lot of technological knowledge, That being so, the process of preparing detail for printing may consume a lot of time. However, there is another solution, for SOFTSHAPER that aims at time reduction. The intuitive interface has been designed to enter all the data in five basic steps: starting from loading the model, through setting and positioning the model on the table, generating paths, and ending with printing.

SOFTSHAPER supports creating the most innovative and complex 3D models that are characterized by diversified, spatial internal structure, which significantly affects the final print properties. In this way, it gives the possibility of designing details with programmed strength, which is particularly important in many industries for professional use.