Breaking new ground CAD for 3D programming

Innovative design and engineering solutions will let on accelerating every aspect of your product development process.


A wide range of design and engineering possibilities to help you move from concept to final assembly.


Assess the performance, reliability and safety of products throughout the design process. Improve product quality, reduce prototyping and physical testing costs.


A set of tools that enable design and production teams to work simultaneously – from ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) to the shop floor.


Simulation and analysis of plastic parts and injection molds. Predict and avoid manufacturing defects by improving part quality and reducing time-to-market.

Motion and load simulation / Photorealistic product rendering and animations


SOLIDWORKS makes engineering design a simple and intuitive process – leading from a blank white sheet to a fully-fledged plan. SOLIDOWORKS as a mindful tool provides not only best-in-class tools for sketching, modeling, assemblage, surface finishing, machining, presentation and documentation, but much more options in a comprehensive set of solutions.

SOLIDWORKS software provides dedicated tools and workflows to streamline product design and development from concept to finished produced item.