The manufacturer of industrial 3D printers

Professional machines printing with low- and high-temperature-, rigid- and flexible-materials, with parameters adjusted to the project requirements.


Innovation on a global scale. Thanks to the 5-axis kinematics, equipped with a rotating and tilting work platform 5AX allows you to forget about the conventional “layer by layer” printing method.

Printing nozzle

VSHAPER extruder with an innovative printing nozzle allows for long-term, failure-free work with thermoplastics with processing temperature up to 400°C.

Innovative solutions

The possibility to control individual sections allows for even temperature distribution on the printing platform and the entire chamber, and minimizes model shrinkage.

Work platform

The vacuum, heated platform made of tempered glass with a special coating allows for a significant increase in the grip of the model.

Prototyping & optimization / Complex, non-standard elements


The 3D printers offered by VSHAPER are characterized by patented design and technological solutions. Professional machines printing with VSHAPER thermoplastic materials are used in the automotive, aviation, medical, foundry, agricultural, architecture, and furniture industries.

Our products are appreciated by customers in Poland, Germany, USA and are used primarily in the prototyping process and small-lot production. The precision of the prints and the solid technical support that we provide from the moment the printer is launched in industrial conditions is especially appreciated.