CAM software for surface and solid models

CAM software in a milling environment with the possibility of using industrial robots.

Advanced parallel processing

Parallel processing allows the user to calculate up to 4 toolpaths simultaneously in each work zone.

Industrial robots

Tool path simulation and editing to control all types of robots.


The system facilitates the work with native CAD files from other systems. It reduces or eliminates problems with data management between the fabrication department and the customer.


From electrode design to model repair to reverse engineering, WORKNC | Designer is the ideal CAD solution for taking complex models to manufacture.

Streamline design / Easy to program toolpaths


WORKNC software is the leading CAM system designed for programming machining of surface or solid models, applied in industries dealing with the production of molds and dies, as well as in companies specializing in tools.

WORKNC is used by all Western, Japanese and Korean automotive makers and acclaimed OEMs from a range of other industries.